Friday, May 8, 2009

Four Way Hit videos

When my good friend Dan offered to fly me all the way from Amsterdam to L.A., just to play at a party with his band, Four Way Hit in December 2008, no way I can say no. I didn't know what to expect, and couldn't bring my Les Paul on the plane.
Only after another long-time friend, Jennifer Finch (from L7 and The Shocker) lent me a guitar we were able to practise at the last minute, just in time to get a little set together, after mere 2 rehearsals in drummer Ron's living room, located downtown East L.A. (an interesting location by all means!).
The fact that we only practised twice may explain why this is a pretty ramshackle affair, but it was just for fun anyways. Probably the only rocknroll band with a native American, a Mexican, a Japanese guy, an American and a Dutchman in it.

Trivia :
Dan (vocals) has been a fixture in the L.A. scene since the late 70's and is the producer of several noteworthy punk releases such as the Legal Weapon LP and a 7" by guitarist Mike's band, Sludge. Check them out.
Bassplayer Mas actually played in one of Japans better known 70's rock groups, Creation (not to be confused with the psychedelic group Creation) at some point.

Let's have a party (Wanda Jackson cover)

Riding with the king

Let's Do It Again (Sonics Rendezvous Band cover)


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