Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nitwitz / Hellacopters "RnR Jihad" 45

Nitwitz / Hellacopters "RocknRoll Jihad" 45 was released in 1998 on my own RocketDog label.
The sleeve art was made by frontman of Swedish Grammy award winners 96 the Hellacopters frontman, former Hydromatics drummer and all-round wunderkind Nick Royale.

The Nitwitz cut "Jackass" is identical to the version that appeared on the Nitwitz album Dark Side of the Spoon.

5 seperate pressings of "RocknRoll Jihad" exist, in an array of dazzling vinyl/label/sleeve colors. Collect them all !

Monday, March 30, 2009

B.G.K. - video

Another B.G.K. video on youtube ca. 1985


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hydromatics - Heaven/Dangerous 45

First ever Hydromatics release on my own rocketDog label. Recorded during the "Parts Unknown" sessions with the Hellacopters' Nick Royale on drums, mixed by me for more Mosrite guitars and a way different sound ! The Sonics Rendezvous Band song "Heaven" does not appear on the album. Limited to 1000 copies and sold out. No wait, there's some copies here. When/if I find the masters again I'll upload this.

Loveslug bio

Someone out there on the interwebs went through the trouble of writing a little LOVESLUG bio. Whoopee.


Loveslug is formed is formed by Tony Leeuwenburgh, who, in the first part of the '80s, makes a name for himself with punk band the Nitwitz and hardcore band B.G.K. Frank Sloos is a former member of party punk band Outrageous, and Mike de Veer used to play in hardcore band Funeral Oration and '60s garage band Plainfield. For Brenzev, Loveslug is his first band. Loveslug is influenced by the likes of Radio Birdman, The Stooges, The Ramones, Ted Nugent and MC5. They call their music 'slugrock'.

The band mostly performs in Germany. Glitterhouse Records, a German label, releases the Loveslug albums, starting with Slug 'Em All. Especially the German underground music press is enthusiastic about the Dutch band, which seems to have a fascination for serial killers and B-movies. Although Leeuwenburgh is not the world's best vocalist and the production of the album is regarded slightly dull, Slug 'Em All gets positive reviews. Loveslug contributes a song on an EP released via the German independent magazine Howl and the band also contributes songs for the Glitterhouse compilations Motor City Madness and This House Is Not A Motel.

Loveslug releases the mini album Snail House Rock which contains a cover of the Linda Ronstadt hit You're No Good. Guest musician on the album is saxophone player Hans Dulfer. In the spring of 1988 Leeuwenburgh used to be a member of Dulfer's band Reflud. After the release of Snail House Rock Loveslug and US band The Fluid kick off a successful tour of Germany and Switzerland. The two bands also record a split single, which comes out of the Glitterhouse label. The single contains live recordings of Madhouse and Fire Free Zone.

Loveslug and Dulfer again work together under the name Refslug. In March Beef Jerky is released. The album is recorded with the US Sub Pop producer Jack Endino, known from his work with Mudhoney, Nirvana and Screaming Trees. Again, there is criticism on Leeuwenburgh's vocal abilities. Hans Dulfer is guest musician on songs like Lily Is Dead, a parody of Candy Dulfer's Lily Was Here. In the spring Loveslug tours Germany, the north of Spain, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Austria.

In the summer Loveslug's fourth album Circus Of Values is released. It is regarded being the band's artistic highlight. Circus Of Values is produced by Endino and is praised for its strong compositions and Leeuwenburgh's improved vocal skills. The band is still more popular in Germany than at home, but despite this their stage appearances are becoming less frequent.

Loveslug splits up because of illness of bass player De Veer. Loveslug's farewell gig is played in the spring at the Arena in Amsterdam. Drummer Sloos has joined the bands the Kliek and the Treble Spankers.

Sloos is successful with the Treble Spankers. Leeuwenburgh reforms the Nitwitz and records a demo for Epitaph.

Mike De Veer quit the band of diabetes. For Loveslug's last performance we bought 20 packs of sugarcubes and handed these out to the audience at the door, advising them to "pelt us with it". the venue was NOT amused.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

V/A - als je haar maar goed zit, vol.2

volume two in "als je haar" compilations, released on B.G.K.'s Vogelspin label in 1983 or 1984.
Together with volume one, this compilation appeared as this bootleg. The B.G.K. tunes re-appeared on the "Dutch Feast" re-release on alternative Tentacles.

1. PANDEMONIUM "Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi's"
2. HAEMORRHOIDS "Government's Decision"
3. OUTLAWZ "El Salvador"
4. B.G.K. "Video-Voodoo"
5. LAST FEW "Revenge"
6. NULL A "Ratz!!"
7. PANDEMONIUM "Traffic Lights"
8. ZMIV "Crime"
9. ZMIV "Genocide"
10. ZMIV "Loose It"
11. AMSTERDAMNED "Melting Pot"
14. B.G.K. "Cross Criminals"
15. HAEMORRHOIDS "Victims of Society"
16. OUTLAWZ "Enola Gay/Anyway"
17. LAST FEW "Narrow Minds"
18. NULL A "Arbeit Macht Frei"
19. OUTLAWZ "Dollars"
20. PANDEMONIUM "Bad Dream"
21. LAST FEW "Suicide Commando"
23. NULL A "Romansick


V/A - Tribute to B.G.K.

Assorted Dutch hardcore/crust bands cover B.G.K. on this release, recorded by the wonderful folks at Villa Friekens in Amsterdam.


password : slugtrails

Friday, March 27, 2009

V/A - P.E.A.C.E. compilation

Some kind of "benefit" release that came out ca. 1985 on double LP format on MDC's "R Radical" label. Contains a B.G.K. track. This this was re-released in CD format by New Red Archives records, who ever that may be. According to wikipedia : "it is not known if the benefit aspect of the original album still holds".
My guess is umm, no.

GET disc 1
GET disc 2

Dulfer's Reflud "High Noon" 45

a 45 on Mercury Records with controversial (depends on who you ask) Dutch Jazz tycoon Hans Dulfer in whose band I played for years.

Hans dulfer website

Songs the MC5 taught us


Hydromatics did "Baby won't Ya" on "Parts Unknown". Pick it up HERE. So that was the second time Scott recorded that song I suppose. Loveslug performed "Kick Out The Jams" and "Looking at You" live ca. 1987-1990. We also did "I want you right now" by the Troggs which was covered by the MC5.
Will digitize and upload those old cassette tapes that are gathering dust under my couch for 20 years when I have the chance, maybe. Shit rocks, yo.

Nitwitz - It Shows In Your Face EP

4 Nitwitz tracks released on Intensive Scare records in the USA, ca 1997, before "Dark Side Of the Spoon" came out. 3 cuts of these cuts appeared on the album.

V/A - Ecstacy of the Agony

Compilation on alternative Tentacles with a B.G.K. tune. I dunno which one. At least we're labelmates with the great Wesley Willis. Other acts include the Fartz(feat. future guns n roses bassist), false prophets, dicks, lard, etc.

BUY IT (it's just 5 bucks, yo)

The Felchers

Nitwitz members The Gadge and Jevin "Dick Ginger" formed the Felchers to have something to do while Theo and I were on tour with the Hydromatics in 1999 (the Hellacopters/Zen Guerrilla/Hydro tour). The first Felchers album is bona fide Slugrock, they even let me play some doodles on it.
Several Spanish tours, an endorsement from a skateshoe manufacturer later they went belly up after a brief flirt with Eagles of Death Metal type stuff

Soul Rocket
Devil Transport
Kamikaze Kamasutra
Just about ready to shine

Felchers website
Just in case

Nitwitz Interview 1995

Nitwitz Interview with LOWCUT magazine (Denmark) from 2005, retrieved from Nederpunk website / archives.

Tony Slug (guitarist, vocalist and leader of The Nitwitz) is a bonafide Dutch punkrock legend who started The Nitwitz, 'the least popular band in Holland', over 25 years ago! Later he also played in bands like BGK, Loveslug and The Hydromatics (with Detroit icon Scott Morgan). I visited him and his 'incest brothers' The Felchers in Amsterdam some years ago, and had a good drunken time and went back home to Copenhagen with Nitwitz's awesome "Dark Side Of The Spoon" album. Recently he sent me their two latest 10"s, "Totalitarian Rock'n'Roll" and "Nibble The Giblet", which more than confirmed Nitwitz's status as one of Europe's most superior kickass punkrock'n'roll combos. As you will experience in the interview, Tony is man of strong opinions on anything related to rock'n'roll. He's also born in Denmark, and still has family here, so he knows a lot of Danish cusswords, which might come in handy since The Nitwitz's upcoming tour includes some Danish dates (March 17th).

LC: Gimme a run down of your musical history, you started Nitwitz around 1978, and later BGK?

Tony Slug: Yes, the Nitwitz started in May 1978, barely catching the last glimpses of the first punk wave. By 1981 we were the most popular punk band in the country because we emphasized playing FAST instead of bleep bleep 'innovative' bullshit. So the Nitwitz played ALL the time, every barn, bar or bar-mitzvah for that matter. And 25 years later the Nitwitz are the LEAST popular band in the country, he he. By 1982, this English Oi thing was so nauseating we morphed into BGK, and we played what was later to be known as US hardcore. Even the punks didn't like us, they said it was too fast. We sped things up considerably after hearing the first US records that trickled over the pond, like Hüsker Dü's "Land Speed Record", and especially the Bad Brains casette tape on Roir. Jesus Christ. The best show I ever saw was the Bad Brains play to 40 people in 1981. UNBELIEVABLE! A bunch of dreadlocked brothers from DC doing it better faster and harder than ANY of those English spiky haired doltfucks. It was just what punk rock needed. Then by 1986 the whole scene had changed. You had all these metal guys trying to claim punk roots, punkers trying to play metal, I mean, what's the use. On the other hand you had all these whitebread suburban straight edge geeks, being right wing/reactionary and hardline about non-issues such as who does and who doesn't drink. Who needs another 7th generation Minor Threat clone? I sure as shit don't. I love Minor Threat, but Youth Of Today? I don't think so. And then there were all these bands doing the "jazzcore" thing which I found not so bad, but essentially it wasn't all that different from virtuoso Yes or Santana doodling, just faster. So I wanted to bring some original punk roots back in, you know, Stooges, MC5, Dead Boys, but played faster, at HC speeds. I thought that was the shit, so I formed Loveslug with a bunch of other knuckleheads. We were just a bunch of silly drunks, and the time wasn't right for this stuff yet.. I'm five years ahead of my time, hahaha!

Nitwitz 2001 : Benito Gasolini, Dick Ginger, Gadge, Slug

LC: Loveslug was a pretty successful band which records got distributed all over the world?

TS: Well, I don't know about being successful necessarily, I guess the records are distributed, and somebody is probably making $ off them but it sure as hell ain't me. The records weren't so great anyways. Still it was fun. We toured a lot and I like to think it had some impact, judging by the bands who play covers of our shit. People didn't know what to think of us. We had long hair, but didn't play metal, then when we did two LONG tours with the great The Fluid from Denver, and people lumped us in with all that grunge stuff, which we had nothing to do with. We were a good time rock'n'roll band, and those were some fun times indeed. In Spain some people claim we were the first to do that punk rock'n'roll thing, together with Union Carbide Productions so that's quite flattering. Nobody should take it all that seriously, though.

LC: There's been several line up changes in Nitwitz, gimme a 2005 update?

TS: Oh man, got a MONTH? Right now Dick Ginger quit playing bass with the Nitwitz to focus on the Felchers, Steven the Gadge is out of the Felchers and back in the Nitwitz. He plays industrial strength wood chipper. Then we have Dutch Frenchman Laurent van Bouvelen the Rickenbacker tamer, doing a great job and wild man Mr Paul 'SuperSonic' Smith from German great Dumbell and the Damagers fame on 5 string Gibson SG guitar. I have to say this line-up whups a woolly mammoths musty ass with a belt. It's totally working, at last.

LC: Tell me about your r'n'r brothers in The Felchers which I had the pleasure of meeting some years ago?

TS: Our incest brothers. Very good band, friends. We hang with them a lot and cook together because they're also hot pepper freaks. I can totally recommend their records. The Felchers ROCK.

LC: You recently had a show cancelled in Germany because the 'sexist' cover art of "Nibble the Giblet" 10"? Any problems before with 'politically correct' people?

TS: No problems as far as I'm concerned, we don't give a fuck. I mean the Nitwitz aren't all that hard up to drive 600 km to play some stank ass squat house to 30 sleeping crusties and their mangy fucking dogs for 150 lousy Euro's you know. If they want to censor us they're being like the Punk Rock Talibans. So, y'know, fuck 'em...

LC: Nitwitz had some serious troubles over the years with labels etc. according to some of your 'rants' at the website?

TS: You must know this is a very dirty business. EVERYBODY gets paid, except the band. And the labels are always covered on every angle. When they say "50-50 after break even", it usually means 100 - 0 and we end up being stuck with a studio bills or 4 grand or so. That's the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. It's very frustrating to be hamstrung because the line-up changes every year and to not have a supportive label. But I'll do it the hard way, because, well, um, I don't know any other way.

LC: Your heroes and inspirations? There's a tribute to the late Johnny Ramone on your website, and you done covers of Radio Birdman, Nervous Eaters and The Nomads.

TS: Johnny Ramone was the first to emphasize the importance of playing downstokes and hanging your guitar at knee height. Great! I totally stole his whole stance from day one. My other heros are the French writer L.F. Celine. And Fred 'Sonic' Smith of course. Chuck Berry, others. We like all those bands, so when we were asked to participate in the 'tribute' albums, which I'm personally not a big fan of AT ALL, we said yes. By the way, we decided that we could be bothered to spend our precious 15 minutes of studio time on quickie recordings.

LC: I really love the shitraw production of the two 10"s ("Nibble The Giblet", "Totalitarian R'n'R") you sent me, ballsy, man!

TS: Well, that's the Tube Tech compressor unit for ya - our secret weapon! As you know the Nitnitz are fighting for the right to be infantile with Friday nite sized loads in our balls , so "ballsy" it shall be, hehe! Mange tak, glad it found a good home. Good to know some people in my beautiful birthcountry Danmark can dig the SLUGROCK sound. We can't wait to rock København. (March 24th according to their tour plan)

LC: Turbonegro's Happy Tom and "Nuke Rock City?

TS: Well Thomas and I were discussing all kindsa silly crap and making fun of numbskulls as we do regularly. Then I went, Dude, I'm staring at a writer's block the size of the Cheops Pyramid here, we're recording this weekend, This is the title, this is what the song is about, help a brother out, yo. Then he immediately sent me a few funny verses the same day. We only ended up using 2 or 3 lines of those, but it fit, nicely. And we thought it'd be neat in a name dropping marketing scheme kinda way. And boy were we ever wrong, ha ha!

Nitwitz ca. 2005 : Laurent and the Gadge

LC: Tell me about the new album "Sex, Lies and Duct Tape"?

TS: Duct tape, it's known as gaffer tape in Europe, in the US they call it duct tape. Anyways it's that silver super-strong kind. Essential part of the Slugrock van repair kit, which also contains an empty beer can, a ballpoint , and a baseball bat , among other useful items for on the road. We actually fixed a busted muffler on the Slugmobile van with it once, on tour. It reeked like hell, but it worked ! For about 60 km to the next garage. Well the title is a spoof on the "Sex Lies and Videotape" movie. I guess Ministry are gonna steal this title too like they've done before with "Dark Side Of The Spoon", those faggoty Goth nerds. But that's just our luck, maybe.

LC: You also running the Rocketdog label which has put out several bitchin' comps?

TS: Well, 'running a label' as big words for such a low profile endeavor. I did the Nitwitz/Hellacopters split, the Hydromatics debut single, and the "Here's Fifty Bucks" comp, which sold a staggering total of FOUR copies in Scandinavia. I'm not fooling. Sex Lies and Duct tape will be next.

LC: Hydromatics and Scott Morgan, plans of new tours and records? What do you think of The Solution?

TS: It would be safe to say the Hydros are finished and over at this point. We've done 4 tours, it was fun, Nicke and myself had been talking about doing some Sonics Rendezvous Band cover/rip off thing, then one thing led to another. After Nicke left, being too busy with the Copters, we were basically on our own, a band without allies, although the Radio Birdman guys were really supportive and Deniz made sure we got to open for them a few times, which was super cool of him. Those guys are amazing btw. We did get to meet a lot of good bands and people all over actually. Holy Curse in Paris, numerous great Spanish bands, etc. But as far as organising stuff we were alone without label support, no management, no booker. And I ended up doing everything myself pretty much. As Theo went AWOL last minute the amount of stress became surreal. Thankfully Laurent, of French punk band the Dogs was willing to fill in, two days before the tour started. We had to make do. But all things come to an end. I'm glad to have been part of it. Plus we got to record most of Sonics Rendezvous Band's at the time unreleased material. So, that's a "Mission Accomplished" right there.. Pitshark from france put out a 10", and Suburban is gonna do a posthumous live CD. That one is almost finished and rocks nicely. As far as the Solution goes, Nicke sent me a raw mix CD-r of it which I played more often than the finished record. Overall it's a bit too lightweight and MTV friendly, non confrontational for my narrow minded tastes on occasion, but overall it's a solid good soul kinda record. Something different. They've got some great drum sounds. Glad to see they're being successful cause they're good at what they do and, they're hearts are in it, and they totally deserve it.

LC: Whats your take on Dutch rock'n'roll anno 2005?

TS: If you mean the crop of Zeke/Glucifer wannabes with flames, hotrods, fuzzy dice and 8-ball imagery, there's no shortage of that, like anywhere else, I guess. Peter Pan Speedrock are HUGE. It's pretty mind bogglingy, but they're cool guys. Felchers and Lo-Lite are great. Lo-Lite are this two piece playing this crazy distorted bluesy noise, really cool ! The Stilettos and 69 Charger aren't bad. I'm not very interested in the Zeke/Gluecifer clones.

LC: Any new year resolutions?

TS: Not really.

LC: Anything to add?

TS: Thanks for the support Jens, we'll see you soon !

V/A - Feel Lucky, Skunk ?

Another bootleg LP with a Nitwitz cut, taken from the first EP (1980).

V/A - Punk Rock From Holland

Bootleg from 1996, repressed in 1986 contains a Nitwitz track from the 2nd, 1981 EP and elaborate liner notes from the bootleggers slagging my ass.
If you're gonna steal my shit and gloat about "all the money" you're making with it, at least write your names under it, pussies.

V/A - Ox fanzine # 44 compilation

Freebie comp CD with issue # 44Germany's Ox fanzine has the Hydromatics track "RIP RnR" on it, taken from the "Powerglide" album.

v/a Large compilation #18

This release appears to be a promo CD from Suburban records. It has a Hydromatics song it, along with cuts by a Baby woodrose, Agnostic Front, Hermano, Peter Pan Speedrock, Exodus, Hermano and Brian Setzer Orchestra. Wtf ?

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v/a The Rocketdog Sessions CD

An enjoyable compilation with Dutch (plus 1 belgian and 1 german) groups who all have in common that they recorded at Rocketdog Studios.
The Nitwitz version of "Totalitarian Rocknroll" here is different from the album. Paul from Dumbell would later end up in the Nitwitz AND the Hydromatics, and now in the Consultants.
Oekel from the Berserkerz was in Loveslug, while Tjeerd (Lo-Lite) and myself played with Sonny Vincents band ca. 1995.

So what I'm saying here is, all in all it's a pretty incestuous affair.

Get it HERE

password : slugtrails

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Nitwitz - Landmine Heart

Landmine Heart b/w Ticket To Gomorrah came out on 007 Records out of New York. 1000 copies in red vinyl. Same versions as on "Dark Side Of the Spoon"

V/A - bloodstains across Europe

This bootleg shit is getting out of hand. This one's got 4 Nitwitz tracks taken from the first EP (1980)


V/A - kids of the 80's - A.C.A.B around the world CD

Another bootleg with a B.G.K. tune. This one appears to be from Brazil.


V/A - World Class Punk

Originally released on "cassette only" ROIR label from New York, who brought you the Bad Brains, this thing has, unbeknownst to the band, been re-released on CD over ten years ago.
There is a B.G.K. track on it that you can buy here and AGAIN I can't help but wonder who makes money off my song.


B.G.K. - 'safety last' video 1986

B.G.K. - bloodsuckers video 1986

Found this on youtube(steak). I think this is in New York (CBGB's) 1986 during B.G.K.'s second stateside US tour.

Republican convention 1984 Dallas

In the summer of 1984, B.G.K. played a protest rally during the Republican convention opening for the Dead Kennedys.

It was right by the actual building. As soon as the repugs came out of the building, they were greeted with a massive "fuck off and die !" roar from the crowd, Jello egging it on. They must have heard that.

After the show was over and the press people had gone, the cops moved in an started beating people bloody. A hundred people were arrested.

What happened
See, I always found we had more in common with the MC5 than English mohawk blunderpunk.

A tape of the B.G.K. at the Republican convention 1984 show is going around in the underground trader circuit.

That same fateful year 1984, B.G.K. played the "Rock Against Reagan" tour and performed in Washington DC on the 4th of July (!) on THIS EXACT LOCATION :

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fallen in the war against the jive

Benito Gasolini and beer tycoon Freddie Heineken

Gone but not forgotten : former Nitwitz bassplayer Mikey Offender, and former Nitwitz guitarist Benito Gasolini. They lived for rocknroll, and rocknroll killed them dead. Maybe they wouldn't have wanted it any other way but damn I miss those guys.
Stones tragedy as stage collapses
Guardian report
2 die taking down Rolling Stones' stage in Madrid
Two roadies killed at Rolling Stones concert
CBS report
Fox news
Mikey Obit in Austin Chronicle

V/A - Tribute to the Nomads

When it comes to contributing to "tribute" albums the Nitwitz will as a rule decline the offer, but will make exceptions for the likes of Radio Birdman, and the Nomads. For this "20 years too soon" tribute we picked a Nomads tune called "Top Alcohol". The reason was not only it's subject matter, but we also had to steal our own riff back.
Yes, the Nomads lifted it directly from our song "Burn Baby Burn",
which came out years earlier on "Dark Side of the Spoon". Just listen. The riffs are IDENTICAL. that's cool, we'll just steal it back.
Anywhoo this is the only Nitwitz recording with Benito Gasolini (RIP) on guitar and Jevin "Dick Ginger" on lead vocals + Paul Stanley banter.

V/A - Tribute to Brezhnev

BREZHNEV were an Amsterdam band favored by the local "faster and louder" hardcore crowd who weren't bad, but their brand of 10th generation, formulaeic carbon-copy hardcore punk paled in comparison to what B.G.K. had done 15 years earlier.
I'm not a big fan of "tribute albums" anyways and wasn't interested in being part of a "Tribute album" much less for a band we owed absolutely nothing. Just because they're nice guys doesn't mean we have to play on a Tribute album for them.
The other Nitwitz insisted we had to "do something for Brezhnev" out of comradery and eventually I gave in, under the condition they'd let me choose the song.
Naturally picking their only non-political tune, the embarassingly titled "Granny gives good head", which Brezhnev would probably rather forget about, and so would I, hearing our version of it :

Grandma Gives good head

Out of budget considerations, each band got a full hour of studio time to set up, get a "Sound" in a room no bigger than a broomcloset and record, with matchbox sized transistor amps. AND I AM SUPPOSED TO ROCK IN HERE ?
Being at the mercy of some sound weasel didn't help either. Adding insult to injury that geek wouldn't let me do any overdubs as there was "no more time for that".

STOP ! It's hammertime. I mean dinnertime (as opposed to Slugman time).

Pick up the whole album here. Take heed friends : you'll be sorry God gave you ears.

As fate would have it, Brezhnev vocalist Mike Dogshit (sometimes "McDogshit") would end up in the Nitwitz for a while later, as would bassplayer Jevin "Dick Ginger". Their drummer Oeb would in turn replace Nitwitz drummer the Gadge in the Felchers but that's another story.

Nitwitz - Nibble the Giblet

Kokine : chained heat

The "Nibble the Giblet" 10" inch was slammed together as a quickie so we could have something to sell on tour. Limited to 500 copies, it contains outtakes, rarities as well as the "Dark Side of the Spoon" demos (recorded by Jack Endino) financed and consequently rejected by Epitaph in 1996.
Unbeknownst to the band, Pitshark Records put a picture on the record cover of gagged and chained topless woman chained to what appears to be a cage. A sassy French-Moroccan piece of ass by the name of Kokine (HERE, yo) so succulent and tender, that several constipated German dorks promptly got their lederhosen in a bunch over it, and cancelled our shows for being "sexist".
Pitshark bites back
Nitwitz on www.purevolume.com

Total clusterfuck

Behold this nifty elaborate Hydromatics family tree, crafted by somebody at bandtoband.com who has been doing their homework.
Family Tree© BandToBand.com
The Hydromatics
Murder Squad
Alpha Safari
Mental Distortion
The Project Hate MCMXCIX
Vicious Art
Face Down
Born Of Fire
Sonic's Rendezvous Band
The Stooges
Patti Smith And Fred Smith
Sonny Vincent And His Rat Race Choir
Iggy And The Stooges
Just Colours
Kek 66
The Rationals
The Hellacopters
The Poet & The Dragon
Urrke T & The Midlife Crisis
Backyard Babies
The Sewergrooves
No Security
Sonic's Rendezvous Band
Super$hit 666
The Wildhearts
Howling Willie Cunt
The Kliek
The Other Side
The Treble Spankers
Ron & The Splinters
Ouke Baas
The Herb Spectacles
The Comedown
The Exist
International Language
The Nitwitz
Dodge Main
Radio Birdman
Deniz Tek
Deviants ixvi
The Visitors
Deep Reduction
Mad For The Racket
Wayne Kramer
Deniz Tek And The Golden Breed
Juliette And The Licks
Glass Insects
New Race
Celibate Rifles
The Eastern Dark
The Well
Reaching Forward
Razor Crusade
Modern Life Is War
The Hope Conspiracy
The Red Chord
Beyond The Sixth Seal
American Nightmare
Ten Yard Fight
Give Up The Ghost
Deniz Tek Group
The New Christs
The Aints
Mungo Jerry
The Saints
Laughing Clowns
The Fox

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nitwitz - Totalitarian RnR picture disk 10"

Limited edition picture disk released on Cargo Germany in 10" format.
Each of the 4 songs appeared on the "Sex, Lies and Duct Tape" CD.
Listen to Raised by Drunks
Denmark's excellent Lowcut magazine raved :
The Nitwitz - Totalitarian Rock'n'Roll 10" (Cargo) + Nibble The Giblet 10" (Pitshark)

Remember when "Supershitty To The Max", "Ass Cobra" and "Dick Disguised As Pussy" came out? If those are some of your favorite albums then Tony Slug & Co. are one horny wet r'n'r dream come through, motherfucker! Happy Tom even co-written "Nuke Rock City" on the 4 track "Totalitarian R'n'R" picture 10" (hilarious fat Caesar cover!) but Tony ain't no rookie to scene since he has been a force to be reckon with in the Dutch punkscene since 1977! "Benito Gasolini", a hymn to their guitarist, sounds like a lost Dictators song, totally outstanding! The "Nibble The Biblet" 10" (limited to 500 copies) almost blew a hole in my roof with the frenzy meanspirited assault of "Rohypnol Lovedoll", but then "Get There First" burnt down house completely, imagine The Pagans and Poison Idea in a bloody knife fight and you're halfway there! The Nervous Eaters' "Just Head" has been covered by Columbian Neckties, and, I hate to say it, but Nitwitz's version totally tops my friends' take on the song. Some of the 9 tracks have been on the "Dark Side Of The Spoon" (Tony sez Ministry stole his title) Get Hip album in different versions, but get everything Nitwitz has released if you know whats good for ya, okay? Fuck the weak shit and get totalitarian, baby, its the only way!! Lowcut # 21 will feature a Nitwitz interview. If you're interested in more hardass Dutch r'n'r mayhem then by all means check out Nitwitz's pervert brothers The Felchers whose members have been in several line-ups of The Nitwitz. Amsterdam ain't just hippies, hookers, potheads and coffeeshops, there's some serious vicious r'n'r monsters lurkin' in the dark alleys!!
SLUGFACTS : It is 100% true that Ministry stole our title "Dark Side of The Spoon". I had that title reserved for a of Loveslug album title 5 years earlier.
The pictures of the crooked toothed lumpkin ass in the toga on the picture disk were found in a trashcan in Cologne Germany by Paul Dumbell. These snapshots were simply too hilarious to pass up, and we're glad to share them with you. They were colorized by myself (heavy duty pixellation) with mad Photoshop skillz.
Nitwitz interview in Lowcut
Felchers interview in Lowcut

B.G.K. - 8 track ep 1984 re-up

goodbadmusic.com scribbled :
To-the-point Hardcore from when this music still had relevance. In your fucking face power and aggression, no kidding around, serious shit. B.G.K. was one of the angriest bands I’ve seen live: The energy level was on top, they ripped through their set with ferocity and passion and never without a bit of self-irony. Hardcore died a rapid and fairly well deserved death in the years of decline in 1986 and overall has been nothing but a ludicrous attempt in history re-enactment ever since. What a pity actually: The late 70s / first half of the 80s had a massive impact on the life of so many, even though the majority followed the quoted “Rules” above. I didn’t and sometimes, with all the doubts and second thoughts that follow like a shadow, I’m happy that I’m not the only one. How bizarre to expect nothing else from life than empty formulas such as happiness, success, wealth, harmony, peace and quiet, be that in marriage, family, job, religion, ideologies or else. Fuck it all, to hell with it!

Thw complete B.G.K. discography has been re-released on Alternative Tentacles. It’s well worth having. The first LP is very much in the same vein as this, a smoker from a to z, but the second LP “Nothing can go worng” is where it’s at, really.
Don’t just download music - support those who made and make culture happen by buying official releases!

Funny, coming from a guy who admits his involvement in one of the bootleg versions on the same page.

The Nitwitz - Sex, Lies and Duct Tape

The Nitwitz "Sex Lies and Duct Tape" was released on my own RocketDog label.


Cheapskates DOWNLOAD IT HERE for free.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Hydromatics - video

The Hydromatics recorded live in a radio studio on Sept. 26th, 2001.
We had only practised once or twice before going on tour and it's pretty out of tune, but what can ya do.

Hydromatics like at Club Lek Radio, Amsterdam sept. 26, 2001