Monday, May 11, 2009

V/A - a fistful of rock, vol. 6

Goddamn. Yet another release nobody told me about. Here's the story : Not only did the Nitwitz get fucked harder than a Tijuana crack whore on Cinco de Mayo by Get Hip (Get Dicked) records, one track of Dark Side of the Spoon, "Bad Chemistry" appears to have consequently been "licensed" to Tee Pee records without informing, and needless to say without compensating the band. Tee Pee consequently "sold" the track to various websites who now offer it for $0.99 per download while we were still scrounging for chump change in the seams of our couches trying to pay off the recording studio debt. This series of compilations was put together by one Sal from the insanely overrated near-coverband Electric Frankenstein. When I asked him if I could at least have a copy for the archives he said no, leaving us with... a fistful of nothing, making this release smell rather more like a fistful of shit.

You can buy this LP/CD from Amazon if you must, or the tracks thereof here, but I'd suggest that for your own karma's sake, you purchase my compilation "Here's $ 50" instead here.

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  1. Hi Tony ,
    Do you really want a copy of this 'Fistful of rock' vol 6 ?
    I can do that with a complete scan of artwork & in wav or flac (or 320)...
    If you want it just tell me here:
    Midnight Rambler