Tuesday, June 16, 2009

site update

Hello people,
Sorry about the time lapse and lack of posts here. I've been travelling all over the US the past weeks (from Olympia to Cleveland) and am currently back in Amsterdam where I am trying to get my shit together. Or fuck some shit up. Either one.

Coming soon (as soon as the dust is settled) :
  • Loveslug Live + demos + radio stuff

  • B.G.K. the 3d unreleased album

  • Nitwitz "Sex Lies and Duct Tape" Raw mixes

  • Loveslug "Beef Jerky" Raw Mixes

  • B.G.K. live 1982-1987

  • VIM "give sleaze a chance" demo (Loveslug shoot-off, ca. 1988)

  • Hydromatics TONS live

All rare/unreleased/exclusive material and as always, for FREE ! Hope you'll enjoy listening to it. In addition I should also be scribbling stuff for a, ahem, book (no shit freaks) and for what it's worth, shall share miscellaneous brain farts and anecdotes with anyone who gives two shits.

So, thanks for stopping by, your patience and rock the fuck on.

Your pal,
- Sluggy


Somebody stole my domain name. He only has 2658 other domains

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nitwitz 'videos' 1981

I don't know who uploaded this but it's definitely me playing bass on "I'm so lazy" (taken from "wielingen walgt!", re-released on "I'm Sure we're gonna make it" and bootlegged on "Killed By Epitaph"

"Security Service" taken from "Als je Haar Maar Goed Zit (vol.)" released in 1981, the fastest 4/4/ drumbeat evahhh to my knowledge.

Another song from the same compilation.