Thursday, July 23, 2009

some old Nitwitz flyers

B.G.K. video

This is in Venlo, Netherlands, ca. 1985. I will uploads more from this show soon(ish).

B.G.K. videos

There will be NO B.G.K. reunion so I guess you're gonna have to make do with this scarce and crummy video footage. This is from a 1986 in San Francsco.

B.G.K. computer control

Somebody put this on Youtube. The track was recorded at Oktopus studio's in Amsterdam for the Maximum rocknRoll "Welcome to 1984" compilation which you can pick up nearabout here. This album which was re-released on CD format a decade later (Could I get a copy, pleeez ?)

Loveslug video 1990

Loveslug perform "Slap Your Slug" in Utrecht, Netherlands 1990.
I think we opened for L7 that night.