Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Felchers

In 1999 I went on a lengthy tour with the Hydromatics (together with Zen Guerrilla and the Hellacopters) to support the release of the Hydromatics "Parts Unknown" album. Dick Ginger and the Gadge from the Nitwitz formed the Felchers to have something to do in the meantime. When the Felchers recorded a full length album they let me drop a few leads here and there and shout "Bomb the Baldwins" in the studio, and the riff-laden Slugrock™ sound is most definitely here as one can tell from these MP3's :I'll stand by the review I wrote for HITLIST magazine back in 2001 :
FELCHERS – Taste the Star (advance of CD)
Not to be confused with the Canadians or Australians going by the same moniker, Amsterdam’s FELCHERS are a NITWITZ/FUNERAL ORATION offshoot that castrates the competion with a never ending barrage of fast riffage, mind-numbing profanity, and wailing leads. Tunes like “Kamikaze Kama Sutra ”, “Devil transport” and “B-52” (with it’s irrestibale “Bomb the Baldwins !” chorus) prove the FELCHERS waste no time with politically correct nonsense that neutered 95 % of the P-rock industry. People, listen to the Slugman, this rocks serious ass. (TS)

Felchers homepage
Help some brothers out and BUY THE ALBUM

This fantastic animated Felchers video clip was created by Johan Neefjes whose website is spotwijly, whatever the hell that means.

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