Friday, January 30, 2009

V/A - Howl fanzine freebies

Another release I totally (like, totally, d00d) forgot about and probably don't even have a copy of myself. These freebie 45's came with the German shortlived (?) but tasteful HOWL magazine ca. 1987. The LOVESLUG track "Quest for Fire" was an outtake from the "Slug 'Em All" album, and appears here unmixed(!), hence the crappy guitar sound. A mixed version would later find its way to the flip of LOVESLUG's "Coyote Date" single.

I took the liberty of lifting this fuckin file off GARAGELAND blog. It also contains tracks by the Miracle Workers, thin White Rope, Venom P. Stinger, Scab Cadillac, Feedtime, King Snake Roost, Ignition, Denver Mexicans, Vanilla Chainsaws, Low Max, Trashing Groove, Destination Zero and Mudhoney.

PICK IT UP - pass is "radiobirdman" or "offlimits", either one.
Figure it out, chief.

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  1. I have this single with the fanzine in mint condition, I had a subscription to Howl and have most of the editions