Sunday, January 25, 2009

V/A - Emma compilation

"Emma" was a squatted large building in the Amsterdam harbor district turned into a bar and "non commercial" venue for punk rock, hardcore, "avant garde" minimal music/doodling, poetry etc. The place was run entirely by volunteers from B.G.K. and satellite bands. (Pictured on the sleeve is doorman Wouter, B.G.K's manager).
In the summer of 1986 it became the veritable Mecca of the European hardcore scene. EVERYBODY played there. From Italy Raw Power, Negazione, Declino, etc. and from the U.S. Toxic Reasons, Scream (with Dave Grohl on drums), etc.

This comp offers rare tracks by B.G.K., Sonic Youth, No Allegiance, Pandemonium, Tu-Do Hospital, Morzelpronk, Nog Watt, Impact, Deadlock, The Ex, Membranes, Kaki's, Zowiso, Vacuum, Sjako!, Zak In As, Sonic Youth, IF, Electric Hannes, The Gentry, Svatsox & Dorpoudste De Jong, Krapuul, Grin, no Pigz, Negazione, Indigesti, Hostages Of Ayatollah, Capital Scum, Combat Not Conform, Murder Inc. III, UBCF.

All recorded between 1995 and 1996.


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