Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hydromatics - the DVD

That's right folks, a full Hydro DVD ! Joe Chonto documented every single show on the last Hydro European tour with no less than three cameras in HD quality, and is currently in the process of distilling a zillion hours of footage into a full length rockumentary that shall be available in DVD format.
Here's what Joe had to say about the project himself :

Spinal Tap moments : Yeah, there's a whole lot of that!!! I played a little bit for some friends at work that cracked them up good; where Scott asks "Do you guys take requests? Do you know Stairway to Heaven?" And Paul responds in Indian accent "Steroids to Heaven? That is my very favorite song next to I Left My Snake In San Francisco."
Tomfoolery aplenty but also cool stories from Scott about the history of Sonic's Rendezvous Band and other things, that great footage of you and Ries in Bilbao at night, talking about the music biz, what the Hydromatics means to you, etc.
And of course the hotel room debacle in Rennes when we all got rudely awakened by the housekeeper, Benno's memorial -- just a whole range of stuff that goes way beyond the cookie cutter predictability of rock & roll road movies.

One thing guaranteed -- the Hydromatics film will have a whole lot of content.

- Joe


  1. What is the estimated time of arrival? Would love to see it.

  2. It depends on Joe's schedule. I'm hoping for the summer. Thx for the response btw.


  3. Any word on that DVD?