Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loveslug - "Strike me blind" Demo 1987

A few cuts from Loveslug's first ever demo. This was recorded right after B.G.K. broke up, in 1987. I wanted to get away from the overly politically correct bullshit from constipated, hypocritical squatter nerds AS FAR AS POSSIBLE and have some FUN doing it, singing songs about phonesex and Neanderthals.
PLUS put more ROCKNROLL in the punk. It's not called punk ROCK for nothing, hey I'm just sayin'. But more about that later. It was either "cross-over" or "jazzpunk" in those days. Everybody hated us.

However, future members of the HELLACOPTERS, GLUECIFER and TURBONEGRO took notes when we played their towns. Sluggy tells you no lies. Go and ask them if you don't believe me.

NOTE TO SELF : Insert old fart reminiscing stuff here

Anywhoo the source is 2nd (3d? 4th), shall we say 'budget' cassette tapes I dubbed personally on my cheap-ass cassette player so don't expect much in the way of quality. I did however try to (ahem) enhance the sound digitally (rush job though) but it's my barfday and I'm leaving on a west coast tour in a few hours. So deal, por favor. But you get the riffs, as per usual.

the songs :
- slap your slug
- quest for fire
- charlie
- search and destroy


password : slugtrails


  1. Hello Tiger!

    I still recall the day well when this landed on my doorstep. The former Minister of Propaganda tells you no lies.

    Rock on, mate!


  2. Greetings Uli !
    How is life, amigo ? Long time no hear ! Ah, time flies when you;re having fun, eh ? I was surprised wehen Yannick contacted me some while ago on MySpace. Glad to notice you're raisin' 'em right ! Are you still writing ?
    Music ? Stay in touch !


  3. All's well, Slugger, thanks. I guess we've both done mighty fine in the dad department, as we've seen your daughter's MySpace account (which turned my wife onto the Gaslight Anthem).

    Speaking of Yannick, thanks a lot for helping him with his school stuff! I meant to say Gracias a long time ago, but I didn't have one of them cyberspace profiles until yesterday.

    These days, my writing is all done on football (three books, if you can imagine that). I hardly listened to any new music for a couple of years, then I got myself an iPod - and now I find tons of fine stuff almost every day.

    Take care and say Hi to your daughter. The last time I saw her, she wasn't much taller than your cowboy boots.