Friday, April 3, 2009

Loveslug - Circus of Values LP/CD

The fourth (actually 3d and a half) + final Loveslug release came out in 1994 shortly before band broke up, and Glitterhouse records, let's say, 'parted company' with us. Needless to say we never got a penny from that label, which seems to be 'not uncommon' among the artists on their roster.
To my surprise the also appeared to own a third of the publishing rights later. How the hell did that happen I'll never know. Then, and fifteen years later (i.e. just now) I learned that the record was also licensed to and released by Rave Records in the US (cat. nr. Rave 025) on vinyl. Did anybody even bother to tell the band ? Hell no. In which context this bit information is also interesting.

Deja vu / Deja screw, that's what I'm talking about brothers and sisters.

ADDING INSULT TO INJURY, German band DIE AERZTE blatantly stole my title "RocknRoll Ubermensch" (as they state themselves on an early pressing of their album with the same name), to consequently sell hundreds of thousands of copies of it.

Sluggy gets no love folks.

The sleeve art was created by famed Dutch underground comic artist Peter Pontiac, who also did record covers for B.G.K. and the Nitwitz. A part of it was reproduced on the cover of his (highly recommended!) rocknroll book "Pontiac Review #5"

GET "Circus Of Values" (password : slugtrails)

Peter Pontiac expo


  1. Hi Tony,

    Loveslug fan from California here. Thanks for digitizing the album. I see you did it at 128kbps. Could you possibly re-up it at a higher bitrate, like 192kbps?

    Also, are you planning to make the Beef Jerky album available as well?

  2. Hello drumwolf,

    thx for the comment.
    to answer your question : YES. In fact I'll raise you to 320 kbps.

    Apparently I have absolutely no control over who releases what and where, but shall digitize vinyl AND a ton of live material + demos + (better!) raw (un)mixes upon returning to Amsterdam, which should be after the pending west coast tour with Fitz Of Depression. Dates are being added as we speak, we might hit your town even.


  3. Hey Tony,
    Great work dude!!!!

    I am still a big fan of Loveslug since the old days. I googled from time to time and there was nothing useful about LS out there, until now :-D ... i hope you digitze all the stuff, in fact i pray for this moment... and yes, i have all your vinyls at home.

    Thanx and cheers from the southwest of germany

  4. Cool, Chris. Thanks for the comment. I will put up a lot more Loveslug music (live, demos, unmixed/alternate versions) on this page in the future, so tune in every once in a while.
    - T -

  5. Wow - just listened to Maggot Man and searched for loveslug and learned that you guys did one more album in 1994 that i didn't have of and now i am grabbing it off your site - how cool is that and thank you very much.
    Saw Loveslug the first time in 1988 w/Fluid i believe and you kicked so much ass that i had to buy your debut album at the show. And I am glad that I bought all the other albums too, Blood Like Ice has one heck of an interesting guitar interplay -- i could rave on forever but let me tell you this: Thank you very much for all the great music, it still means a lot!


  6. I dig Loveslug, but why do you write this bullshit? First of all, the album by Die Ärzte does not have the same title as the song. And it's not like the album sold well because your song title was on it, DÄ have been around since the early 80's and are one of the best selling German bands ever while always maintaining their integrity. Personally, I always find it cool when a famous band (and they are VERY famous in the DACH region) covers or pays tribute to an unknown band. And that's what it is, an homage. No need for hard feelings here.
    By the way, the Swedish band The Unkinds had already used this title before DÄ. And their song rocks.