Thursday, August 13, 2009

V/A 100 % Dutch punk and hardcore bootleg CD

What we got here is a couple of multi-bootlegged already 45's taken from the "Feel Lucky Skunk" bootleg and both "Als je haar maar goed zit" compilation LP's which were released on our own Vögelspin label in 1980 and 1981. A collection of liquorice allsorts.
Strangely some Dutch classics like Speed Twins, Helmettes and Panic are painfully absent ! You're better off getting the "I'm sure we're gonna make it" comp. (for instance here)

The thieving bastards who put this out "are doing it all for the scene maaaan" took the trouble to manually erase the pressing plant ID with an engraving pen on every copy to cover up their tracks. They however did NOT go through any trouble to enhance the sound quality. So the sound isn't too hot here. In addition, the cover art sucks a fat cock.

Guys : Yo if you're gonna bootleg my shit, at least make an effort.

I'm putting this up for grabs here because I'd rather have the music trickle down to
the people who want to listen to it than have some anonymous scumbags make money off it. Yeah, fuck you punk guys and your goddamn "hardcore distro", assholes.

01) Ivy Green - another subculture going down
02) Nitwitz - He was OK
03) Rakketax - Van Agt
04) Tits - We're so glad Elvis is dead
05) Amsterdamned - Ballroom Dancing
06) Pistache BV - Blind en Doof
07) Nitwitz - Artificial Smile
08) Outlawz - Dummy
09) Rakketax - Desert
10) Frites Modern - Deo Volente
11) Rakketax - Vacuum
12) Amsterdamned - Traditie amme ballen
13) Pistache BV - Philips
14) Outlawz - General

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