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Vim - Give Sleaze a Chance (demo, 1991 ?)

Vim (the band) started ca. 1990 as a side project from Loveslug's notorious guitar weirdo Oekel, who decided he wanted to "play lead solo's" and it dawned upon him that was definitely not going to happen in Loveslug. Hence, Vim was another sprig on the family tree.
On vocals : Alex Vimski, true pioneer of shock rock. owner of a permanently sweaty bulbous snout, a belly the size of a sea turtle, always sporting leopard print suits and silver platform boots and "holdin'".
On guitar : Marc Vim whom I briefly played with in the ill-fated Freeloaders and as an acoustic duo the Calcium Brothers. Marky is currently also in Reputation, the Amsterdam Mofo's and the the Consultants). Owner of the Vim and owner of an incredibly amazing social calendar.
On Drums : Mikey Louder, self-admitted former nazi skinhead, and owner of two blossoming cauliflower ears.

A cast bound to be a glorious little freak show.
 Marky Vim, Scott Morgan, Nicke Hellacopter and Me ca. 2002

So when Marky Vim asked me to join them on bass for a show, I said "sure, why not".(Oekel, who requires mucho attention, was against it initially, but reluctantly agreed).


Some of Alex's quaint hobbies included reading the works of ancient Greek philosophers (in ancient Greek that is) by candlelight, hosting cocaine-and-booze-soaked basement freak sex orgies (don't ask), and whipping up some serious bad ass potions like Papa Smurf. This psychedelic punkaroo treasured his "bottle of death", a flask of doom filled with an undescribably vile and evil concoction, containing no less than 8 or 10 hallucinogenics, various opiates, stimulants, and other mind altering substances.
In his never-ending quest for "the perfect high", he carefully mixed the precious ingredients in ever-changing combinations, but always in sufficient quantities to zonk out rhino populations across the Serengeti Desert.

Seeing that chunky assed mega freak on LSD, teetering around in suede platforms, rolling around in broken glass screaming about eating out menstruating women (an activity which he, even when sober, claimed to sincerely enjoy), well, OK. Maybe you had to be there to think it was funny.
Use our imagination !

It was what I'd call

Our crowds weren't punk rockers by the way but bikers, housewives, stoned tourists and illegal immigrants. Nobody knew WHAT THE HELL was going on.

Vim did only a handful of shows to my recollection. We recorded one demo by bribing the engineer into free recording time with drugs (hey, it wasn't me), to the point the poor bastard got so paranoid and terrified he actually left town in fear of his life. I am not making this up !

Of said demos, the master tapes have, of course long disappeared.
But this demo is made of pure awesome.
For starters I'm pulling some serious John Entwistle shit on this motherfucker. Then there's the ouchy lyrics : If you can't handle Parental advisory" type lyrics, palsyfolks : Now is the time to walk away and get yourself a Dr. Pepper. But anywhoo, this comes from a (second generation ?) cassette tape that had the words "second unfinished mix" scribbled on it in sharpie.

Enough of my silly shit, let's get to the free shit. For your Saturday pleasure, I give you : VIM - GIVE SLEAZE A CHANCE demo (1990 ? 1991 ? 1992)

ROCK ME ! (pass : slugtrails)

"Lost in in a loveclench 69, smelling urine, brine wine divine. Dirty minds and dirty sheets, I'll show you where the Hershey highway leads"
"Lice on her butthairs, pus ran from her cooze"
"You'll get your breakfast from my ass"
"I pissed in your beer and I fucked your wife"

And remember, folks :

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