Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Paulus - the big ripoff CD (1999)

lookee here, another record I play on.
Cross fertilisation continues as Theo Brouwer (Hydromatics, Nitwitz, the Kliek) and Frank Sloos (Loveslug /Treble Spankers) punk up tacky/(un)funny/cool etc soul/disco/pop/glam covers in Big Paulus, calling it "tune recycling". Pretty silly but kinda fun for the occasional party I guess. Especially after smoking many a blunt, like those two Cheech and Chong looking stoner knuckleheads.
They picked a few tasteful covers though ! When they asked me to play a lead or two and do some backup singing just for fun, I was like, yeah, whatever, why not. It ended up on this CD which came out on Bask records in 1999. So make of this shit what you will.


01) My pledge of love
02) Theme from S.W.A.T.
03) My Coo Ca Choo
04) Hooked on a feeling
05) Theme from MEdical Center
06) What good am I without you
07) Portobello MArket
08) Across 110th street
09) Gonna fly now (theme from rocky)
10) Mr. Blue Sky
11) (Intro and Countdown) Are you man enough
12) Action
13) The Girl with the sun in her hair

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