Sunday, March 29, 2009

Loveslug bio

Someone out there on the interwebs went through the trouble of writing a little LOVESLUG bio. Whoopee.


Loveslug is formed is formed by Tony Leeuwenburgh, who, in the first part of the '80s, makes a name for himself with punk band the Nitwitz and hardcore band B.G.K. Frank Sloos is a former member of party punk band Outrageous, and Mike de Veer used to play in hardcore band Funeral Oration and '60s garage band Plainfield. For Brenzev, Loveslug is his first band. Loveslug is influenced by the likes of Radio Birdman, The Stooges, The Ramones, Ted Nugent and MC5. They call their music 'slugrock'.

The band mostly performs in Germany. Glitterhouse Records, a German label, releases the Loveslug albums, starting with Slug 'Em All. Especially the German underground music press is enthusiastic about the Dutch band, which seems to have a fascination for serial killers and B-movies. Although Leeuwenburgh is not the world's best vocalist and the production of the album is regarded slightly dull, Slug 'Em All gets positive reviews. Loveslug contributes a song on an EP released via the German independent magazine Howl and the band also contributes songs for the Glitterhouse compilations Motor City Madness and This House Is Not A Motel.

Loveslug releases the mini album Snail House Rock which contains a cover of the Linda Ronstadt hit You're No Good. Guest musician on the album is saxophone player Hans Dulfer. In the spring of 1988 Leeuwenburgh used to be a member of Dulfer's band Reflud. After the release of Snail House Rock Loveslug and US band The Fluid kick off a successful tour of Germany and Switzerland. The two bands also record a split single, which comes out of the Glitterhouse label. The single contains live recordings of Madhouse and Fire Free Zone.

Loveslug and Dulfer again work together under the name Refslug. In March Beef Jerky is released. The album is recorded with the US Sub Pop producer Jack Endino, known from his work with Mudhoney, Nirvana and Screaming Trees. Again, there is criticism on Leeuwenburgh's vocal abilities. Hans Dulfer is guest musician on songs like Lily Is Dead, a parody of Candy Dulfer's Lily Was Here. In the spring Loveslug tours Germany, the north of Spain, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Austria.

In the summer Loveslug's fourth album Circus Of Values is released. It is regarded being the band's artistic highlight. Circus Of Values is produced by Endino and is praised for its strong compositions and Leeuwenburgh's improved vocal skills. The band is still more popular in Germany than at home, but despite this their stage appearances are becoming less frequent.

Loveslug splits up because of illness of bass player De Veer. Loveslug's farewell gig is played in the spring at the Arena in Amsterdam. Drummer Sloos has joined the bands the Kliek and the Treble Spankers.

Sloos is successful with the Treble Spankers. Leeuwenburgh reforms the Nitwitz and records a demo for Epitaph.

Mike De Veer quit the band of diabetes. For Loveslug's last performance we bought 20 packs of sugarcubes and handed these out to the audience at the door, advising them to "pelt us with it". the venue was NOT amused.


  1. Tony - thank you for the cool music. I have the BGK and Loveslug records. Do you know anything about Local Disturbance? I could never find any of their stuff.

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