Thursday, August 13, 2009

Holy Sheep - Someday's Too Late CD (2003)

Holy Sheep were a fun band from Leon, Spain. They asked me to produce them, when I was there. Which means this release is worthy of inclusion in the shit-stained pages of these vaults of woe known as Slugtrails

Having the weakest links in the line-up (bassplayer and drummer) lay down the basic tracks by themselves in a room the size of a shoebox wasn't my idea, I like it LIVE, and things became a ramshackle affair more than once, but oh well. Despite the somewhat limited vocabulary/command of the English language ("Spanglish") of guitar tandem Natalio and Jorge, I immediately recognized these young dudes charisma and knack for writing a killer hook. In addition I wanted to let their keyboard player, Irish ex-pat (and future Nitwitz driver!) Eugene McCarthy shine through on a few of the songs, which not everybody in the band agreed with. He is an amazing musician and really adds to the overall sound though.

So, anyone who'd like to familiarize themselves with Spanish rocknroll music would probably be well advised to check out this album by the Holy Sheep. Then move on to Torazinas, Senor No, N.C.C., etc ! Lots of cool stuff going on down there folks.
This thing came out both in LP and CD format.

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  1. Hanx man, great, great band!!!!

  2. Thanks for the upload Tony. These guys sound every bit as kickass as Hellacopters, Turbonegro, Celibate Rifles or Loveslug.