Saturday, September 12, 2009

Slug life

If I had gotten a (Euro)buck every time someone told me "Sluggy, you should write a book, man." I'd be, well, not RICH rich or anything, but I could probably pay the rent for um, a month or two. Yes as all starving and misunderstood (f)artistes, I am struggling to get by, and should get another 20 scene points that alone.

Usually I respond "What the fuck for ? Who is gonna give two shits ?" and shrug off the wack idea of becoming one of those pompous "I was there in 1983, man" P-rock writers. I mean there's quite a bit of self-serving bullshit being published in the "punk books" department lately.

Well, then over a few months my girlfriend persuaded me and I got off my lazy ass and got to reminiscing and scribbling down bits and pieces describing some of the more comical and absurd adventures and situations on the road with B.G.K., the Nitwitz, Loveslug and Sonny Vincent. In at least 12 different countries. With theoretically makes for a better read than "I was a mohawked dumbass in Buttfuck Montana in the 80's".

While at a distinctive disadvantage (writing in a language that is not my mothertongue), not to mention my drug addled brain (alcohol damages the brain) and putting the bar pretty high, I hope to eventually turning raw words and incoherent brainfarts into something I can be proud of.

"Will it be as cynical and bitter as your grumpy self, Sluggy ?" you may ask.
Aw, hell yes. Expect many well-deserved ass kickings delivered to the behinds of those in the music industry I've been unfortunate to have delt with !
What I write will be 100 % true. OK, maybe 95 %, with 5 % added for comical value.

But it will also be funny.
No Pullitzer Prize or Oprah's book pick of the month type stuff, but I hope to document things that have been completely ignored by the mainstream press in this country, and maybe capture the early-mid 80's zeitgeist in Continental Europe and the US.

I realize that no matter WHAT I do, some people who shall remain unnamed here will criticize me for this narcissistic self-glorification, lack of continuity, no plot and aww my pussy hurts... but fuck them. I will expose the whole bunch of them for what they are. Katharsis, baby.

But my main objective is to provide an enjoyable read for anyone who is interested in "old school" punk rock/hardcore/rocknroll.

Things are still in embryonic stage so just wait.

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  1. Tony, sounds great. Think it will be a very nice reading, considering the stuff you write on your blog.
    ...And kick those fuckin' asses hard man.