Sunday, March 22, 2009

B.G.K. - 8 track ep 1984 re-up scribbled :
To-the-point Hardcore from when this music still had relevance. In your fucking face power and aggression, no kidding around, serious shit. B.G.K. was one of the angriest bands I’ve seen live: The energy level was on top, they ripped through their set with ferocity and passion and never without a bit of self-irony. Hardcore died a rapid and fairly well deserved death in the years of decline in 1986 and overall has been nothing but a ludicrous attempt in history re-enactment ever since. What a pity actually: The late 70s / first half of the 80s had a massive impact on the life of so many, even though the majority followed the quoted “Rules” above. I didn’t and sometimes, with all the doubts and second thoughts that follow like a shadow, I’m happy that I’m not the only one. How bizarre to expect nothing else from life than empty formulas such as happiness, success, wealth, harmony, peace and quiet, be that in marriage, family, job, religion, ideologies or else. Fuck it all, to hell with it!

Thw complete B.G.K. discography has been re-released on Alternative Tentacles. It’s well worth having. The first LP is very much in the same vein as this, a smoker from a to z, but the second LP “Nothing can go worng” is where it’s at, really.
Don’t just download music - support those who made and make culture happen by buying official releases!

Funny, coming from a guy who admits his involvement in one of the bootleg versions on the same page.


  1. Toni: My involvement in the bootleg version was only lending the original record to the bootlegers. That was it.

  2. And PS: I changed my mind concerning bootlegs, of course. It's been like 15 years since that bootleg was released and in the meantime we had the internet totally changing everything. My own band, btw, was heavily bootleged (20+ bootlegs!) - that changed my mind too. And then the internet came.