Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nitwitz - Totalitarian RnR picture disk 10"

Limited edition picture disk released on Cargo Germany in 10" format.
Each of the 4 songs appeared on the "Sex, Lies and Duct Tape" CD.
Listen to Raised by Drunks
Denmark's excellent Lowcut magazine raved :
The Nitwitz - Totalitarian Rock'n'Roll 10" (Cargo) + Nibble The Giblet 10" (Pitshark)

Remember when "Supershitty To The Max", "Ass Cobra" and "Dick Disguised As Pussy" came out? If those are some of your favorite albums then Tony Slug & Co. are one horny wet r'n'r dream come through, motherfucker! Happy Tom even co-written "Nuke Rock City" on the 4 track "Totalitarian R'n'R" picture 10" (hilarious fat Caesar cover!) but Tony ain't no rookie to scene since he has been a force to be reckon with in the Dutch punkscene since 1977! "Benito Gasolini", a hymn to their guitarist, sounds like a lost Dictators song, totally outstanding! The "Nibble The Biblet" 10" (limited to 500 copies) almost blew a hole in my roof with the frenzy meanspirited assault of "Rohypnol Lovedoll", but then "Get There First" burnt down house completely, imagine The Pagans and Poison Idea in a bloody knife fight and you're halfway there! The Nervous Eaters' "Just Head" has been covered by Columbian Neckties, and, I hate to say it, but Nitwitz's version totally tops my friends' take on the song. Some of the 9 tracks have been on the "Dark Side Of The Spoon" (Tony sez Ministry stole his title) Get Hip album in different versions, but get everything Nitwitz has released if you know whats good for ya, okay? Fuck the weak shit and get totalitarian, baby, its the only way!! Lowcut # 21 will feature a Nitwitz interview. If you're interested in more hardass Dutch r'n'r mayhem then by all means check out Nitwitz's pervert brothers The Felchers whose members have been in several line-ups of The Nitwitz. Amsterdam ain't just hippies, hookers, potheads and coffeeshops, there's some serious vicious r'n'r monsters lurkin' in the dark alleys!!
SLUGFACTS : It is 100% true that Ministry stole our title "Dark Side of The Spoon". I had that title reserved for a of Loveslug album title 5 years earlier.
The pictures of the crooked toothed lumpkin ass in the toga on the picture disk were found in a trashcan in Cologne Germany by Paul Dumbell. These snapshots were simply too hilarious to pass up, and we're glad to share them with you. They were colorized by myself (heavy duty pixellation) with mad Photoshop skillz.
Nitwitz interview in Lowcut
Felchers interview in Lowcut

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