Monday, March 23, 2009

V/A - Tribute to Brezhnev

BREZHNEV were an Amsterdam band favored by the local "faster and louder" hardcore crowd who weren't bad, but their brand of 10th generation, formulaeic carbon-copy hardcore punk paled in comparison to what B.G.K. had done 15 years earlier.
I'm not a big fan of "tribute albums" anyways and wasn't interested in being part of a "Tribute album" much less for a band we owed absolutely nothing. Just because they're nice guys doesn't mean we have to play on a Tribute album for them.
The other Nitwitz insisted we had to "do something for Brezhnev" out of comradery and eventually I gave in, under the condition they'd let me choose the song.
Naturally picking their only non-political tune, the embarassingly titled "Granny gives good head", which Brezhnev would probably rather forget about, and so would I, hearing our version of it :

Grandma Gives good head

Out of budget considerations, each band got a full hour of studio time to set up, get a "Sound" in a room no bigger than a broomcloset and record, with matchbox sized transistor amps. AND I AM SUPPOSED TO ROCK IN HERE ?
Being at the mercy of some sound weasel didn't help either. Adding insult to injury that geek wouldn't let me do any overdubs as there was "no more time for that".

STOP ! It's hammertime. I mean dinnertime (as opposed to Slugman time).

Pick up the whole album here. Take heed friends : you'll be sorry God gave you ears.

As fate would have it, Brezhnev vocalist Mike Dogshit (sometimes "McDogshit") would end up in the Nitwitz for a while later, as would bassplayer Jevin "Dick Ginger". Their drummer Oeb would in turn replace Nitwitz drummer the Gadge in the Felchers but that's another story.

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