Monday, March 23, 2009

V/A - Tribute to the Nomads

When it comes to contributing to "tribute" albums the Nitwitz will as a rule decline the offer, but will make exceptions for the likes of Radio Birdman, and the Nomads. For this "20 years too soon" tribute we picked a Nomads tune called "Top Alcohol". The reason was not only it's subject matter, but we also had to steal our own riff back.
Yes, the Nomads lifted it directly from our song "Burn Baby Burn",
which came out years earlier on "Dark Side of the Spoon". Just listen. The riffs are IDENTICAL. that's cool, we'll just steal it back.
Anywhoo this is the only Nitwitz recording with Benito Gasolini (RIP) on guitar and Jevin "Dick Ginger" on lead vocals + Paul Stanley banter.

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