Monday, February 2, 2009

Loveslug / Skin Yard split

This split single came out on glitterhouse Records in Europe (black vinyl) and on Rave Records in the U.S. (yellow vinyl), in press runs of 1000 or 1500 each. The Loveslug track was produced by Kent Steedman of Celibate Rifles fame, who would resurface 20 years later playing on the Hydromatics album "the Earth is Shaking" as guitarist. Either way, this track is all that remains of Loveslug's ill-fated "Rauchende Colts" recording sessions that were intended as a 12" release. Eventually, the studio kept begging/bugging us for money ("hurry hurry hurry with payment, else you won't get the tapes!"), but when we came by to pick up the master tapes, it turned out the studio had gone bankrupt and mister tax man had confiscated everything.

Bye bye master tapes. Bye bye 4 grand.

No release means no tour. Thanks !

It wouldn't be the first time that happened though. The 2 inch tapes of the unfinished 3d B.G.K. album (that we had bought and were OUR property) later turned out to be erased or have some panflute radio jingle crap on them. Only two cassette tapes of those sessions rermain and are in my possession. They may be available for download here on Slug Trails someday.
Either way, Jack Endino's band Skin Yard (Funny : Google wants to know "did you mean SKYNYRD ?") takes the flip with a tonguetwister track called 'Psychoriflepowerhypnotized (live)'. Jack lifted the artwork from a government issued poster seen on the streets of amsterdam that apparently amused him greatly : It was the heyday of the first Dutch techno/rave scene, and the poster has "drugs are bad, mmmkay?" warning/message. Not in a "don't do drugs" or "if you are caught with drugs you will go to jail" kind of way, but in a "make sure your drugs are good and not cut up with poison, so PLEASE get them tested at mobile city council healthcare testing lab stations at your nearest rave party" only-in-Amsterdam kind of way.

No fooling, folks. Times have since changed considerably, I will assure you.

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