Sunday, February 1, 2009

V/A - 100% Pure Dutch punk hardcore

Yay ! Another bootleg.
I'm not sure if this originates from that Belgian guy who once wrote me "requesting permission" for his label to re-release both "Als je haar maar goed zit" compilations "else I'll do it anyways" or if these street urchin punk assholes are responsible for this release. It has GOT to be mastered off vinyl because if I can't get the source tapes, no one can.

The pressing plant identification number on each of these CDs has been painstakingly, manually erased with an engraver, so they knew they did something naughty/illegal.

So much for the bootleggers 'argument' that "we're doing it for the scene, man". No, you don't do it for "the scene". You do it to make money. Money off MY hard work and efforts. As the bootleggers from "punk rock from Holland" LP state literally in the liner notes, even. Funny how these bootlegs seem to get better distribution than legit releases btw. Anywhooo, there's tunes by both the Nitwitz and B.G.K. on this thing from 1981 and 1983 respectively.

Don't buy this shit folks.

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