Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sonny Vincent - Good Dogs Die Young

Oh, I play on this thing too. The sanity shredding 10 week(!) European tour with Sonny, Spencer P. Jones of the Beasts of Bourbon and Gary Taylor from Britmetallers Tank was an Odyssey of Pain worth writing a book about itself, so Big Papa Slug shall open up a bag of Werther's candies and start reminiscing soon.

Sonny Vincent, Jayne County, Sluggy with honky fro, Spencer P. "P stands for puzzled look" Jones and Gary Taylor in Madrid, Spain 1995

Apparently some tracks were recorded in Hannover, Germany. Can't remember a damn thing. This record came out in 1997 or so. Somebody send me a copy please...
Please ?
(pass is 'radiobirdman' or 'offlimits')

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