Monday, February 2, 2009

V/A - Als je haar maar goed zit

This legendary compilation LP came out on the Nitwitz own Vögelspin 'label' in May 1982, shortly before the band morphed into B.G.K. sans vocalist Eric Peters, who went on to start a "fun punk" band called Outrageous with Frankie Sloos (who was to become Loveslug's drummer later). 1500 copies were pressed. It contains 3 Nitwitz tracks that capture - to my knowledge - the fastest 4/4 drumbeat ever recorded. No fooling people, it's manically INSANE. Anyways, the material on this LP re-appeared entirely on this bootleg but you can purchase a digitized, legal copy here if you don't want to fetch out $ 200 on Ebay.


  1. wow. ive had vol 2 since about 1986 & have never seen this, or heard it before. Thanks!!

  2. Why not make it available as free downloads? It will 'destroy' the bootleg and it will make it much easier for everyone to check out the bands on those classic compilations.
    btw: I own an LP called "Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zat", which is a punk comp released by Stichting De Wijde Wereld (WRF6) in 1992.
    It's by far not as good as the originals from the 80's!