Monday, February 2, 2009

V/A - The Basement Tapes

Track List
Loveslug - You sexy thing
Big Paulus - Get down (live)
Black Label - Come back
Speedloop - Stuck in the middle
The Nitwitz - Get there first
The Sgeurvreters - Kidnapper
Rude Rich & The Highnotes - Lion of Judah(live)
Loveslug - Bimb-o-rama MTV
The Hydromatics - Heaven (live)
Black Label - You'll have to wait
Big Paulus - Baby, now that I found you
Speedloop - You make me feel (mighty real)
The Sgeurvreters - Ramble
Rude Rich & The Highnotes - Man next door
The Nitwitz/ feat. DJ Mike - Surfin' on Insuline

Serious cross-fertilisation on this, ahem, star-studded compilation :
  • Loveslug drummer Frankie Sloos is in Big Paulus
  • Theo Brouwer (Big Paulus) also played on the Nitwitz, Speedloop, Sgeurvreters, and Hydromatics cuts. He is now in the Consultants
  • "DJ" Mike was in Loveslug
  • Benito Gasolini (RIP): Nitwitz, Speedloop


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